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"Michael possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with teens and inspire them to live their lives with authenticity...his success as a Youth Speaker is due to his tireless devotion to the student cause...Michael stands apart from the crowd."

-Cyrus Ameri, Harvard Academic Chair '07



Michael grew up in Los Angeles, where he witnessed first hand the affects of media and pop-culture on his friends and family. He saw how external influences propelled people around him into habits of alcohol, addiction, and social dysfunction. As a result, his amazing story is one of learning that you don't have to be a series of your past mistakes, that you and you alone are in charge of your future, and that everyone can be taught to realize their greatest potential.

Still in his 20's, he relates to teens, he understands their insecurities, their struggles, and the reality of growing up today. Through a mix of good natured humor and purposeful motivation, Michael delivers a message that is down to earth, inspiring, and exhilarating. 

His message has been featured by national media including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NPR. He's had the privilege of being a TEDx keynote speaker and regularly contributes to Entrepreneur.com and Inc.com. Michael has even earned an international reputation speaking in Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia where he continues to influence and equip teens with the tools they need to lead their generation. And although he won't admit it, he's a huge nerd.


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