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It’s that feeling we get when nothing we’ve tried has worked, when no one is around or willing to help, and it feels like we might be better off if we hadn’t even tried in the first place. 

I’ve felt this way. None of us are immune to it. 

I’ve come so close to giving up on things. And in some cases, I have. 

That’s okay. We’re human, we...

Back to school is the often the craziest and most hectic time of the year. This is true for both students and parents. There are many reasons for this. There are new classes to adjust to, sports programs kicking up, and logistics to work out. Once things settle into a routine sometimes they become much easier and manageable. Below are some...

 There is a youth sub-culture, defined not only by its systematic hostility to dominant culture, but also by its emotional manifestation of seldom expression. Today’s culture and social environments are riddled with countless negative agents. Amongst these agents are things like bullying, school stress, sex, peer pressure, family issues -- the...

The most important factor we need to concern ourselves with when working with teens is our ability to establish trust. Failure to establish trust between ourselves and a teen places a limit right away on how influential or helpful we can be. We want to ask all the questions buzzing around in our brain, or voice all of the concerns we may have,...

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