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As far as spy technology is concerned, nothing comes close to sheer utilitarian brilliance than Flexispy. For mobile tracking, it is a software that was designed to give people the flexibility of remote access to mobile usage for parties suspecting infidelity from their partners, and it works like magic.

Not only that! It is equally effective at apprehending criminals in instances of theft. However, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Despite the U.S Wiretap Act completely prohibiting people from spying on other people’s communications without their permission, the developers of this malware are absolutely certain that what Flexispy does is above the bar. It’s easy to see their reasoning though, which is the pursuit of profit, after all, the application does work wonders and is quite effective.


My Dutiful Review!

Now fittingly referred to as ‘spouseware’ this application allows users to spy on a person’s mobile usage. For a little under $70, you get to monitor your spouse’s calls, Facebook and Whatsapp messages, their GPS location, the whole time hiding from view and not resorting to stealing their phone when they go to the toilet. With an icon that operates secretly, all it takes is the ingenious courage to have access to a person’s phone for few minutes -a process you’ll be guided through quite impressively by a salesman- and follow the 5-minute installation.

While the moral aspect of it all is tainted by wrongdoing, there are ways around that. So getting prior permission is a safeguard when it comes to the Wiretap Act. And in some instances, a parental relationship can give you unfettered access in the name of the ‘best interests of a child’ being paramount, because these days, you need to know your child’s location and mobile activity for safety reasons.


How to Install (How it Works)

The installation process is a walk in the park. As soon as the app is installed on the target phone -via download or sharing- you’re prompted to follow an ordinary, routine process that is straightforward and simple.


How Do You Access All This Information

The question on the lips of many is that of access. How do you access all this information in real-time? Well, via an internet connection. All the gathered information is stored in a cloud database that can be accessed from any location via the internet. Otherwise, all information is stored on the Flexispy servers and viewed through an online account via a computer.


Is It OS Specific?

Yes, of course. Flexispy is specifically for Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.


What Are The Legal Implications?

Your greatest worry should be violating the Wiretap Act, which unequivocally prohibits any actions tantamount to mobile phone tracking without permission. There are a number of implications, chief amongst them being the possibility of a civil claim for infringement of a persons privacy.

For businesses and salespersons, advising a client on how to get it installed covertly amounts to the indirect furthering of the sole perpetrator’s aims, which is also a violation of the Wiretap Act.

Buy flexispy extreme software today and get peace of mind. Whether it’s premium or for PC, Flexispy reviews will give you a greater understanding of how it’s such a nice innovation.

Is Flexispy Premium Worth Buying – See the Reviews

Are you looking for a spy app to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your children? Do you wish to monitor the activities of your employees on their mobile devices? In case yes, you may want to buy a cutting-edge spy application such as Flexispy.

Flexispy Premium vs Extreme

In return for a minimal investment, you can say goodbye to most of your worries regarding the whereabouts and activities of your children and employees. The following Flexispy review will give a brief idea why this app is a must-have today.


What is Flexispy?

It is an advanced spy phone app in the world. The application includes everything you would like to have in a phone monitoring system. Flexispy can record phone calls, capture keystrokes, and let you read SMS, emails, Whatsapp and Facebook messages. It also allows you to track locations of devices via GPS and remotely turn on microphones for recording conversations without the user knowing.


How Does it Work?

After buying the Flexispy app, you will get a confirmation email containing your login details and step by step directions on how to install and use the application. To get started, visit the online portal of Flexispy on your PC.

Now select the device on which you want to download and install the app and follow the on-screen instructions. After the software is installed, details from the targeted device are secretly sent to the Flexispy server. You can login to your account and access the activity reports.



Due to its amazing features and benefits, the application is not available for cheap. However, it is modestly priced to suit the budget of all individuals. You can also cut down your purchase bill by tapping discounts and promotional offers run by the company from time to time.



Aside from pricing, the support of the application is pretty handy. Whether you need help on downloading the app for iPhone, iPad, and blackberry or technical issues with respect to the functioning of the software, you can get in touch with the support staff to resolve the problem. The support team will take a look at the issue and provide a quick solution to your problems.


Flexispy Reviews

The best thing about Flexispy extreme is that it is backed by a lot of positive reviews. You can check those reviews online and find out how people are happy after buying the premium version of the app. In accordance with reviews and ratings, you can choose a premium or extreme version of the application for Android or other devices depending on your needs.


Bottom Line

From the above review, it gets pretty apparent that Flexispy is a useful app for mobile tracking. Ease of usage, affordability, better support and positive Flexispy reviews are some of the features that make this software a must-have for any individual.

If you are really serious about the whereabouts of your loved ones or wish to track the activities of your workers on computers and mobile devices, buy this cutting edge application and get relief from your worries.