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I've seen many speakers as a teacher over the years, but Michael is the first one to make me laugh, think, and want to take action all after 45 minutes. We will certainly have him back in the coming years, he was a pleasure to listen to and the kids loved him!

John, Teacher Santa Margarita HS, CA


Michael's message was honestly hilarious. I've never heard a speaker like him at my school before. Hearing how he overcame so many obstacles when he was a teenager with his peers and fitting in really resonated with me. I would definitely want to hear him speak again!

Jessica, Student Arleta High School, CA

I don't know where I'm going in the future and so hearing Michael and his story is really exciting. I hope that I can follow in his footseps and create my own future around the things I'm passionate about.

Elizabeth, CA FBLA Student Leader


Michael Costigan approaches teen motivation in a manner completely different from any other high school speaker. He speaks to high school students just like he is talking to his peers, his friends, and that makes all the difference.

Cassidy, Treasure Mountain School, UT


Not many speakers can keep a group of kids actually entertained for 45 min, Michael could. He will reach audiences on a much deeper level than the title of a "motivational speaker" presents.

Nicole, Skyline High School Student, WA

We really appreciate your presentation to the Hart District ROP students. I love how you challenge students to take charge of their lives. Very inspiring.

 Jodie, Hart District ROP Advisor, CA

Straight up cool guy. After hearing him speak my friends and I had a conversation for the first time about what we thought we could do, now during high school, to get us closer to our dream goals for the future.

Alex, Needles High School Student, CA


Michael has been a speaker at the Teens in Tech Conference in the past, and brought a great deal of energy and advice to the attendees. He's a great motivational speaker, and we're lucky to have him as part of our community.

Daniel Brusilovsky, Teens in Tech CEO


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