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For Teen Audiences

'PopSmart' - Life Lessons From Pop Culture (45-60 minutes)

Being young is great, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Using pop culture to illustrate his points, Michael teaches students how to learn from the mistakes of others and become a positive trend setter. Students who learn to be PopSmart, avoid the trappings of their youth and enjoy the best years of their life.

For many teens the influence of media makes figuring out who they are even harder than it already is. From reality TV stars whose very public battles with drugs and alcohol make nightly news, to the unrealistic body images portrayed on magazine covers, teens are pulled in many directions. When those directions turn out to be negative, the effects can be devastating. 

By teaching the importance of self-awareness, Michael helps show young people that they don't have to be someone they're not, that there isn't just one path to success, and that everyone has the potential to create amazing opportunities for themselves.

Topics Covered Include...
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of being young
  • How to seize the opportunities of being young
  • Making positive choices
  • How to deal with peer pressure
  • Self identity / esteem
  • Setting and achieving realistic goals

Audience Reaction: "Awesome! Michael was so entertaining to listen to, but he also knew how to get right to the point and provide some SERIOUS advice. I walked out of there feeling inspired and motivated to face the "odds" in my life".

-Kishen, Student from CA 

For Adult Audiences
Teens Online -- What You as an Educator or Parent Need to Know (60 Minutes)

When Michael’s not hanging out with friends, or giving a presentation like this one, he lives on the internet. He's as addicted to Facebook and Twitter as anyone else, is way to relient on his iPhone, and is your typical Mellenial. In this presentation he will demystify the social tools that teens are using, why they use them, and how to ensure they use them responsibly. This program makes a great parent information night or back to school night topic.

Topics Covered Include...

  • 101 about Facebook & MySpace
  • Chat room dangers
  • Creating safe profiles
  • Cyber bullying
  • Setting boundaries & communicating safety to teens

Audience Reaction"I've been in education for over 20 years. I've seen many okay speakers, even many great speakers, but I have no hesitation in calling Michael an amazing speaker. He is living in the same generation as the students we seek to protect from online dangers. Michael knows first hand, the dangers of the internet, but also how to protect and educate our children online. He lays everything out in an open and straightforward way. Most valuable workshop I've attended this year, hands down."  

-Scott Larson, Parent/PTA Member, CA

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